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2021 NSA Codebreaker Challenge

Hello friends, I have decided to participate in the one and only 2021 Codebreaker challenge by the National Security Agency. I will be updating you as I proceed through these challenging tasks that have been given to those who dare attempt. If you would like to join me, all you need is a school email!

Task 1

This one is a freebie because all you have to do is join the discord server that is being spear headed by New Mexico Tech’s codebreaker challenge community of practice. Once you are in, simply give them the requested code word and you will receive your answer to task 1 for completion.  This task is worth 1 point. In comparison, task 10, the last task is worth 5,000 points. So you can see how insignificant this question is other than to get on the scoreboard. Lets begin! 

Task 2

In Progress…. Still learning how to do packet analysis with Wireshark.