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Try Hack Me

The {THM} platform has laid the foundations for effective & efficient penetration testing skills that will surely be implemented in the trenches of daily cyber warfare.

Currently holding the top 1% on the Try Hack Me {THM} platform. The information security populace as a whole likes to poke at people who use the phrase “top 1%” on LinkedIn I have noticed. This is funny as I can understand why. The breadth of knowledge you need to be successful in the field of information security is mind numbing. I have been studying for almost 1 year now and I am realizing how little I know in terms of what is out there to be studied still. I hope through showcasing some of the learning paths I’ve completed, I can hopefully introduce others to some of the opportunities that are out there. I am truly enjoying the learning process and hope you all join me!

Obtuse Moose’s goal is to achieve a hacking streak of 365 days, achieve top 1% on the platform, and eventually curate boxes to give back to the platform. 


TryHackMe Learning Paths

The complete beginner learning path provided a general overview of the cyber security discipline. This path provides basic instruction of Linux, web application security, network security, various scripting challenges, and privilege escalation. The path finishes with four basic exploitation opportunities which bolster the confidence of any aspiring cyber security professional.

The pre-security learning path was brief but laid foundations in different technologies that are necessary to understand in the cyber security discipline.

Security Foundations

TryHackMe Learning Paths

This learning path was concise. Short and sweet as it truly was an introduction to the most fundamental concepts. 

The Junior Penetration Tester learning path was the best path to indulge in yet. THM infused multiple tools and in-depth knowledge to complete multiple avenues of attack upon different types of targets. My favorite modules to work through was Burp Suite & Metasploit. Starting to feel like an actual hacker.