USN HM3 {FMF/SW} Warren, Dustin, L.

Who is "Moose"

I am currently a student at University of Maryland Global Campus, pursuing a bachelors degree in software development & security. I plan to pursue a masters at National University in cybersecurity with a focus in ethical hacking and penetration testing. Concurrently I am an active duty sailor who is Fleet Marine Force and Surface Warfare qualified. My specific job title is vague but I’ve been called: Hospital Corpsman Field Medical Technician, Doc, Corpsman, Combat Medic, Medic, Squid and many other slang terms among salty mouthed sailors. I have spent nearly a decade of my military time overseas in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

What is the Moose Matrix?

The Moose Matrix is a place to not only document my journey through investing and learning cyber security but to also entertain my community with well researched topics by showcasing easy to understand examples. I am enthusiastic to help others gain a better understanding of how the massive domains of finance & cyber security can change the ordinary persons life.

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Moose Mumbles

Check out the blog posts that encompass everything finance from Warren Buffet to fresh new trends like cryptocurrencies. Explore how the finance & investing world is so intertwined with cybersecurity and how I am trying to educate people just like you in both topics. Added bonus is a bunch of books that I've read and written reviews about. Hopefully I can persuade you to read a few off of my ever growing list.

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Moose Lab

If you want to explore the world of cyber security you will enjoy the blog posts I write about here. I cover the lethal triad: Try Hack Me, Hack the Box, & all other challenges within cybersecurity wether that is OSINT or your everyday CTF. If you have no idea what any of that is please dive in and start reading. You might find that it can give you an escape or a direction for a career pivot.

New Year's Resolutions

In Lieu of New Year’s Eve I decided to make my resolutions public on my website to hopefully have my friends, family, and community of meese hold me accountable. Click the button below to explore my resolutions for 2022!